Brandon’s Website

Hey everybody! I am Brandon Johnson, I am from Chattanooga, TN, and I this is my English 1101 website. My English classes in the past have been traditionally boring and formulaic in their instructions. I have always learned writing in its traditional sense, essay writing. Although essay writing can be boring sometimes, it also has its uses in professional writing. I am excited to learn more methods of writing communication throughout the semester. Georgia Tech is not specifically known for its writing or English courses, but I’m sure I will still learn many things this semester. I have never made a website or posted my works online before so this is all new to me and should pose a slight challenge I believe. On the blog specifically, I am not sure how that will go. Also new to me is the topic of the course, science communication which I honestly didn’t know was the topic until the first day of class. It should be an interesting course in my opinion, and I will add blog posts and works in progress to the menu items at the top of the page as the year progresses. Take a look around and stay as long as you like.