Website Reflection

Looking back on the semester and specifically the website I have created, I wish I had known many things before going into this semester. Mostly, I wish I had known how to use my website and how to use the options. I didn’t learn how to use the website and its functions until well over halfway through the semester which made working on my website difficult and boring at times, but looking back on the website, it makes doing the reflective portfolio much easier and keeping the website updated helps as well. I found the blogs interesting as well. Each blog was different in its own way and had different points of views, but there was still science communication in all of the original texts. In regards to the topic of science communication, I found the topic itself much more interesting than I thought I would. I began to realize how much work went into the thought and process of science communication, the rhetoric of the piece, and the medium the piece is written in. In regards to the projects we did, I found them the most intriguing and difficult to develop. Each project was different in its own way and I found them very fun, especially the one I did for the recreation of a piece of science communication where my group made a podcast. None of us really knew too much about podcasts, but we decided to do one anyway which was honestly some of the most fun I had had all semester while doing a project. Overall, I learned much over the course of the semester that I did not think I was going to learn. I truly did enjoy the class and found the topic informative and interesting.