Martian Blog

Science can seem very distant to the average person, but in the movie, The Martian, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) uses science and the knowledge he has to survive being stranded on Mars. Watney uses his limited resources to keep living and defying all the odds stacked against him to return home. After watching the movie, I felt that the film was a perfect example of how a person is able to use science and everything he had learned in a classroom and apply it in action which is something most people never do. When most people learn science, they don’t think of how they can use their newfound knowledge and apply it to their everyday lives because they aren’t in a situation where that knowledge is helpful. I personally believe that science and the knowledge we gain from it is more useful to some people than others simply due to the fact that some people will never have to use their science knowledge in their life. Although some people may never utilize what they learned from their high school physics class, those who do end up using it are able to do research in their field and possibly make important discoveries and breakthroughs that would further their field. In this way, science is like a cycle in which those who do learn about science and pursue it, add to it so that those who come after them can know what they discovered and use it. Science has become so massive and important that those who aren’t directly involved in it feel distanced from it, but The Martian shows how people are able to use science to do incredible things, from going to Mars to growing potatoes.


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