The Values of Science: Reflection

Going back to the beginning of this project, I went through many challenges. I started off with Project Nim as one text and another article about nature versus nurture as the other. I really wanted to use Project Nim since it was fresh on my mind from watching it, but I could not piece together a sound argument about the two texts, so I was forced to find a new second text. I was scrolling through YouTube when I found this Ted talk by Dr. Jaak Panksepp regarding the science of emotions. I was immediately intrigued and watched the entire thing. I saw several key points made by Dr. Panksepp that could be directly correlated to Project Nim and decided to use the Ted talk as my second text. I decided to also make my supported argument a photo essay since Dr. Panksepp used several slides in his powerpoint that I felt helped explain his topic. I tried my best to connect the value of emotion with the two texts in my supported argument and was generally pleased with the result. I did have trouble formulating my thoughts in my project, so I felt the essay was a little blocky and didn’t flow too well. If I could change something from the beginning of my project, I would have spent more time on my project and trying to make it flow better. Otherwise, I was happy with the points I made and happy that I actually found an article to compare my value of emotion with.