Union of Concerned Scientists Blog

In regards to the union for concerned scientists, I believe they are more concerned with money and support than actually representing their message. They truly don’t think they need us to understand; rather, they need us to give money to continue their research. It is often subconciense in their intensions, but I believe all they want is money to campaign their beliefs. They really don’t need our verbal support because they always have a way of reaching the public with their website, but they definitely need our monetary support to continue their website and research. I personally find their website a little bit money fiending, but that is my opinion. Other than that, it is slightly informing, but it is also informing while tilting towards its own beliefs. I personally believe that the union of concerned scientists is more concerned with their personal beliefs and money than showing the public the true statistics, because their website is nothing without the monetary support of the common people.


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