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The article “Robot Replicates How Our Ancestors First Walked on Land”, written by Samantha Cole on the website Popular Science explores the “Muddybot” created by Georgia Tech that closely resembles the African Mudskipper. The goal of this robot was to help understand how the first animals would most likely have traveled from the sea to the land. The article as a whole covers the topic loosely while still providing information to the reader. The article is surrounded by seemingly endless advertisements which makes sense for a “popular science” website that tries to get you to browse their website for hours. The ads take up well over half of the screen, making it slightly harder to focus on the article itself which is another goal of the article. The website as a whole does not try to elaborate on the method of the research of Muddybot, but rather attempts to drag in the average day reader with photos, short text, and a video. In this way, the article achieves its purpose of dragging you into the article and keeping the average reader entertained and occupied for a short time until they see another ad/story that draws their eyes. The Popular Science website understands that we as humans want to be entertained without having to work too hard, so it takes all the information in the story and makes it user friendly and easy to understand, while still trying to push you to explore one of the many ads surrounding the article.


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