The Really Big One Blog

Throughout the semester, we have read many scientific writings that address disasters that could happen due to human consumption of resources and destruction of the Earth, but usually, these story give some hope for remedying the situation. The article, “The Really Big One,” does not give that same hope for fixing the problem since we as humans did not cause the problem to begin with. Different from the others stories we have read, this article elaborates on the extreme earthquake that will occur in California that is inevitable and could kill thousands if the proper precautions and evacuations are not met near the Cascadia subduction zone. The article itself provides many examples to show the gravity of the situation we are dealing with, elaborating on the massive devastation that could take place. The article also does a great job providing easy to understand examples that show, even those who don’t know much about earthquakes, the danger of them. With all these great examples, the article really ends up making the reader feel like we are out of control of the situation. All we can do as humans is try and read the signs that will come before the big one and evacuate. The article even elaborates on the tsunamis and other natural disasters that would follow such a catastrophic earthquake to further the point that everything will be destroyed. Ultimately, the article is very informative, presents its information in a very understandable way, and tells the reader to get away from the Cascadia subduction zone while you still have the chance.


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