Common First Week Video Process

  1. Describe your process. What steps did you find most effective? Least?
  2. What part of your project are you most satisfied with and why?
  3. If you could redo any part of your process and/or final product, what would you change? Why?


  1. The first thing I did to create my first week common video was to think for a while on what topic to choose. After choosing the topic I wanted to discuss, I wrote a draft and recorded myself reading it. I then cut any awkward sentences and changed other to sound more natural. After several repetitions of this process, I finally recorded my final video.
  2. My goal for the video was to sound more natural and attempt to sound like I was speaking to someone in person while delivering my information on the topic I chose. I believe I achieved that goal of sounding natural although I definitely could have done better. I also feel that I could have had stronger examples of my topic as well.
  3. I would definitely choose a stronger real-life example for my video so as to tell a story rather than describe a general situation. I could have gone into more detail with my topic, and I also wish I had spent more time on the editing of the video as well after seeing some of the videos I thought were very good with funny stories and cool editing.